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receive message in title

Ask and Receive Free award winning spam proof link building and management software
Size: 70 KB
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reciprocal link reciprocal link management  
ACEmessage(To RECEIVE) Allows user to send messages and information directly to the desktop.
Size: 1.23MB
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send and receive Receive Data simple loan agreement  
Receive Fax Call Receive fax calls with this software.
Size: 565 KB
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organize Receive receiver receive fax manage fax  
Outlook Send/Receive Outlook Send/Receive places a button on the A
Size: 1000 KB
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Make Button Outlook to ACT outlook toolbar  
Ask and Receive DSPP Subliminal Program Assertiveness Training Ask & Receive Demo
Size: 2.4 MB
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assertiveness training bearshare for mac ares galaxy for  
Auto Receive Fax to E-mail Automatically send received fax documents to e-mail
Size: 2 MB
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sender automate fax send e-mail  

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JAJC ICQ-like Jabber client designed to run in any Windows environment
Size: 2.2 MB
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sender send message messenger Jabber client receive message  
messenger4LAN useful4 chatting on the lan&internet - doesn't use any server, only a hostname
Size: 800 KB
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talk chat tool send message chat LAN receive message  
WinPopup Protocol WinPopup Protocol is a protocol plugin for Miranda IM.
Size: 61 KB
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send send message receive message Miranda IM Miranda Pack  
Gchat An easy to use, basic chat program
Size: 767 KB
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send message send message chat Message Sender  
MessCorruptionIM MessCorruptionIM is a free chat utility that lets you to send and receive messages
Size: 9 KB
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free SMS send message chat free chat receive message  
Babylon Chat An internet chat program which (in theory) can support connections from an unlimited number of users
Size: 252 KB
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send send message chat Receive chat server receive message  

receive message in description

mobecode Send and receive coded messages. Free 14 day trial. How? Write a message. Set the code. Send a message. Receive a message. Set the code. Decode the message. Coded messages look like this: Wpdmlyet!vpn...
Size: 23 KB
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ScreenSaver Messages send messages messages  
WinMail Decoder When you receive a message from a user who has 'mistakenly' sent you a message in Microsoft Outlook RTF format, you will receive the normal message text along with an attached file named 'winmail.dat'...
Size: 1.14MB
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ac3 decoder decoder FLAC Decoder archive decoder  
Yahoo! Messenger Translating Proxy Your friend will receive translated message, and she can type back in the translated language. For example, if you type to her in English, she can receive the message in French. She can then type back...
Size: 55KB
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oxford english marathi using yahoo messenger  
MailFiler with Message Alerts They allow you to set a reminder to receive a response to a certain message within a given timeframe. Message notifications alert you when a response is received, either directly on screen, via a noti...
Size: 653.5K
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track mail track e-mail organize mail organize file  
Solway's Multimail Send an email message to a number of individuals, so that they each receive a personal message (i.e., not CC'd). Messages can have attachments. The message can also be in HTML format.
Size: 506K
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voice message block message message Welcome Message  
Ask and Receive DSPP Subliminal Program Assertiveness Training Ask & receive Subliminal Message mental self help brain wave stimulating visual subliminal message program. Increase your assertiveness to ask and receive what you want and need...
Size: 2.4 MB
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assertiveness training bearshare for mac ares galaxy for